How do I fasten items (hooks, screws, wall art/décor, etc.) into Trusscore panels?


Ryan Hanes

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Trusscore offers a wide range of SlatWall hardware and accessories, including single and double hooks, bike hooks, hose hooks, and mesh baskets and wall shelving. These accessories offer endless organizational possibilities for your residential, agricultural, or commercial storage project. If you’re looking for an organized, accessible solution, the Trusscore SlatWall system is clean, easy to install, and has the flexibility and versatility to meet all your storage needs.

For applications such as hanging picture frames over Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard or SlatWall, we recommend doing so using a stud behind the paneling. In this case, we recommend drilling a pilot hole through the Trusscore panel once the stud is identified in order to prevent excess damage to the panels when fastening the screw into the stud.

Check out our full line of SlatWall accessories to explore the right solution for your project!

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