What are the main benefits of DockDeck?


Ryan Hanes

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DockDeck by Trusscore will not fade, discolor, or stain. With no painting or staining required, and no risk of mold or mildew damage compared to pressure treated wood and certain composites, dock owners will avoid significant maintenance and replacement costs over the lifetime of the installation. Let's explore these main benefits a bit further.

Stays Cool

DockDeck offers exceptionally-low heat retention and stays cool to the touch. The unique open cavity profile of DockDeck by Trusscore retains less heat than solid core products. This means your dock decking panels will stay cool in the heat so you can safely enjoy your dock without having to worry about dangerously hot boards.

Low Maintenance

No need to paint, stain, or seal—with DockDeck, you'll enjoy the ease of minimal maintenance. Weather resistant, 100% vinyl with UV protection ensures that your dock’s beauty will endure the elements for years to come. Where other docks become faded, discolored, or even rotted over time, DockDeck systems maintain beauty year after year.

Beautiful Aesthetics

DockDeck systems offer great-looking designs to enhance your outdoor space, combined with practical features to keep your dock safe and looking beautiful. Two slip-resistant patterns ensure added safety when your dock is wet. Plus, with a variety of colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a DockDeck system to achieve a look you’ll love.

Ultimate Strength & Durability

Made from 100% PVC, DockDeck by Trusscore is built to last. DockDeck systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure structural integrity and quality you can count on. Products are assessed for weathering and structural performance as well as building code compliance.

To learn more, visit Trusscore.com/DockDeck.

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