What type of trim should I use along the floor?


Ryan Hanes

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In most instances, we recommend using a J Trim where your panels meet the floor. This is a clean, effective way of handling this surface transition. J Trim is our most versatile trim — it’s used with multiple products and can be used in a variety of applications.

Trusscore Base Trim is typically used in applications exposed to water or moisture, and Trusscore Inside Cove Corner is a trim used in wet applications requiring a cove finish as part of commercial or agricultural standard. Both of these trim configurations are valid alternatives to installing J Trim if they better suit the needs of your project.

A true benefit of the Trusscore trim system is that any of the aforementioned trims can be used in a general installation if a specific aesthetic is desired. Check out Trusscore.com/Trims to view our comprehensive trim assortment!

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