Why is DockDeck better than wood decking?

DockDeck vs. Wood Decking

Ryan Hanes

Last Update vor 8 Monaten

DockDeck offers several advantages over the use of pressure treated wood.

  • It stays cooler. DockDeck has an open cavity design under the surface of the board which, combined with the properties of its PVC construction, allow for very low heat retention. The same cannot be said for wood.
  • The surface is safe. DockDeck features two slip-resistant patterns and surface that will always be splinter-free, whereas wood is known for its splinters and slippery-when-wet characteristic.
  • It's low maintenance. The UV protected surface of DockDeck means no painting, staining, or sealing will ever be required. Pressure treated wood comes with a laundry list of maintence duties just to keep it from deteriorating over time.
  • It's built to last. The ulimate strength and durability provided by DockDeck boards outmatches pressure treated wood in every way.
  • It's moisture and water resistant. We all know wood is susceptible to water and moisture over time, and pressure treated wood simply takes longer for this to occur. With DockDeck, water and moisture will never be a concern.

To learn more, visit Trusscore.com/DockDeck.

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